Mr. Vivek K. Kaushik

Hungry Foal

Vivek Kaushik currently leads his latest social initiative, Hungry Foal, which he co-founded with Japna Rishi Kaushik. Hungry Foal manufactures and sells healthy and nutritional food products, ensuring these are tasty, affordable and accessible to all. Hungry Foal is a bootstrapped venture that went to raise funds from Angels, State Bank of India (under Stand Up India Policy, Govt. of India) and Pre- Series A Funding from GAIL (India) Ltd under its startup initiative, ‘Pankh’.

Vivek co-founded Aarambh Ventures, one of the top 5 Startup Accelerators in Delhi / NCR, INDIA. At Aarambh, he worked with startups where an innovator’s solution (leveraging radical & affordable technologies, business innovation & design) to a problem is being capitalised by an entrepreneur to create an Economic Impact. He is passionate about SMEs, technology-based businesses and social entrepreneurship.

He co-founded a social enterprise that developed one of the fastest growing online job portals for informal / blue collar workers in India. He conceptualized and launched Oxigen’s B2C Fintech Product, Oxigen Wallet. Vivek’s experience spans across non-profits, information technology, mobile wallets, food tech and social enterprises.

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