SEAChange 2018

The 2018 SEAChange workshop will be dedicated to industry engagement for affordable and sustainable nutritious solutions for low- and middle-income consumers.

Like the other workshops, SEAChange 2018 will bring together representatives from all sectors – governments, NGOs, academia, industry, young social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and high-level network individuals – dedicated to producing and delivering optimal nutrition across the entire value chain in Asia Pacific countries, particularly in Indonesia, India, Philippines, Bangladesh and Thailand.

The workshop will provide input particularly to:

  • Help develop a business case for reaching low and middle income consumers by looking at every step, from product development to innovative distribution channels;
  • Address gaps and bottlenecks around delivery channels to reach these consumers;
  • Raise awareness again on the importance of the quality of the products (nutrient density, quality of ingredients);
  • Think about product formulation and reformulation; and
  • Get consumer insights into the Asian countries identified – where the outcome is to improve nutrition and address over and under nutrition.
“The private sector has a role to play to make healthy and sustainable diets affordable, available and aspirational. The market shift will create large-scale opportunities for early adopters in business, as the report of the Business and Sustainable Development Commission clearly shows.”

– Feike Sijbesma, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Managing Board DSM and Member of the Scaling Up (SUN) Lead Group