What we do at SEAChange

SEAChange – Sustainable Evidence-based Actions for Change – is an initiative supported by DSM and its Nutrition Improvement Program in Asia Pacific.

SEAChange is a unique, action-oriented coalition of cross sector partners whose objective is to develop effective, affordable and nutritious products aimed at low- to middle-income consumers in Southeast and South Asian countries. These products address over and under nutrition in a sustainable way and help contribute to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal number 2 – Zero Hunger.

Previous SEAChange Workshops

SEAChange workshops have been taking place since 2013 and focused on different themes like product development, cross sectors partnerships and innovative finance.

The outcomes from the workshop series have so far called for new collaborations between non-governmental organizations (NGOs), United Nations agencies, governments and private sector organizations in projects such as rice fortification, new nutritious product development and focused advocacy for improving nutrition.

They have also led to the creation of dedicated country SEAChange communities and confirmed interest from industry players in engaging in sustainable efforts to deliver better nutrition.